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Miritsu's Journey

14 June
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This journal is about writing. I challenge myself here to write a little each day and build a story; in doing so, I hope to get in touch with other writers and readers.


CURRENT PROJECT: Samael, an adventure novel about finding justice where there is none. Michael Andrew's parents are killed by a local philanthropist, and they're not her first victims. Sick of seeing her escape the law, Police Chief Leroy Jackson makes the enraged Michael a deal: if Michael kills the woman who killed his parents, Leroy will make sure he gets away with it.


PREVIOUS PROJECTS: Beau and the Beast, a tragic fairy tale about friendship, obsession, and tolerance...or it's lack. Handsome Beau, star of his small-town football team, falls into the town sewers to find a hideous Beast lives there, Queen of her population of stray, unwanted cats and dogs. There, he finds his looks don't mean a thing, and he'll have to find some reason for the Beast to let him live and help him get home. But when the time comes to return home, will he want to go?

Mrs. Epatha's Preparatory Academy for Ladies, a YA supernatural mystery at a girls boarding school. The strict, isolated campus leads the girls to form tight bonds and make creative use of their spare time. When Amber, a freshman psychic, feels unhappy spirits trapped in the woodwork of the school, she and her friends--sensible Olive, quiet Echo, gentlemanly Alexandria, and ladylike Victoria--decide to find out what's keeping the ghosts from moving on. Unfortunately, the person behind the ghosts is very much alive, and very determined to keep anyone from setting those unhappy spirits free... ON HIATUS.


Friend me and I'll friend you back! Anyone who's interested in reading, I want to read, and if you've got stuff you'd like me to read, I'd love to do that too. :)


Also, I post reviews of books, movies, comics, manga, TV and Japanese dorama.

Something you want me to review? Drop me a message.
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