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Movie review: Ichi

No spoilers.

Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman is an iconic hero in Japan, like James Bond or Indiana Jones in America. A new film about Ichi the Blind Swordswoman rebooting the franchise, featuring talented actors with a good budget, raised high hopes.

In some ways, the film met expectations. The action scenes are great, the acting is solid, the sets and costumes are cool. However, Ichi herself disappoints. A skilled swordswoman at the beginning, she turns into a Damsel in Distress two-thirds of the way through the film so the REAL (re: male) hero can come forward and take over. If the writers/producers didn't want to make a story about Ichi, why did they name it Ichi? Or why not just make the hero a man if they never planned to let a heroine shine on her own?

Ah well. Decent action film, disappointing heroine.


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