April 19th, 2011

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Samael: Chapter Three, Page Three

John L. Woods was arguably the best lawyer in Shiloh.  He had begun practicing criminal law right after graduation and rose through the ranks of his firm so quickly that it boggled the minds of his superiors.

            It wasn’t five years before the prestigious Simone and Roberts Et All Law Firm became Simone, Roberts and Woods Et All.  It was less than five years after that that John L. Woods separated from Simone and Roberts, as he was too ambitious to be one of a group, however highly regarded that group was.

            He was recruited by Jin Craig right after his separation.  She had just emerged from under her father’s wing and was astounding the business world with the gains she had begun to make in just months.  John L. Woods was as impressed as anybody; he sensed that here was someone who would appreciate his talents.           

            She did, and he had never grown bored working for her.  She would hand a legal issue over to him and leave him in charge of it without meddling or criticism. 

            But most exciting of all was the way Jin and her pharmaceutical company hand a hand in both legitimate and black market business.  Every day was a new challenge for him: On Monday he might be facing down a man who claimed that Jin’s medicines had poisoned him, and by Friday he’d been rooting around in the legal history of one of Jin’s underworld competitors to keep them from becoming a problem.  Not at all concerned with how his work affected people, John L. Woods thought only in terms of new challenges to engage his mind.

            Samael had been following him for nearly a month.  He had been forced to learn quickly that his first kill over two years ago had been the exception rather than the rule; it was very rare that an exact time could be given for him to strike at.  This was the longest he’d ever had to trail a target, however, and he might well have given up if John L. Woods wasn’t so close to Jin Craig.  His death would make her legally vulnerable, for though she had other good lawyers John L. Woods was a once in a lifetime genius.

            Samael was amazed to realize how patient he could be when he needed to.  His hate burned slowly inside of him and Jin Craig’s image in the back of his mind gave him the strength to do anything.  Even when Leroy called him to take out a target that had nothing to do with Jin Craig, Samael didn’t complain.  He viewed it as a job he had to do in order to move on to better, more desirable work and got it over with.

            That patience always paid off.  Now, after twenty-six days of hanging around street corners, studying John L. Woods’s schedule and going through silly wigs and disguises, Samael finally had his target alone.