April 17th, 2011

Maa-chan's Inada-hime

Samael: Chapter Three, Page Two

Once or twice, Samael came across them at night. Putting an end to one of his targets would also result in saving their lives. Sensible ones ran away from him as quickly as possible, but there were those who had stars pop into their eyes as they squealed about how grateful they were and how they’d do anything to pay him back…Jesus Christ on a stick, what did they expect him to do then, marry them?

To be fair, not all women were so shallow. Sensei Barrie seemed to have real affection for him that wasn’t romantic in nature. And her behavior towards him hadn’t changed one jot after he’d taken out his first target, or his second, or his third. Though he became colder and more withdrawn, she teased him in exactly the same way she had on the first night he’d stepped into her dojo. With her he could be himself, and as a result Michael began to look forward to his time training in her dojo more than his time in the bookstore being hounded by overly-made up, giggling sycophants.

And yet that time in the dojo was confusing for him. Without making a conscious decision to do so, Michael had begun thinking of “Samael” as a totally different person who just happened to share his body. Samael did a job once or twice a month and then…went away, letting Michael return to himself.

But it was Michael who enjoyed Sensei Barrie’s company, but she called him Samael. Whenever she did a wave of confusion would pass through Michael’s heart. He disliked it immensely, but what could be done about it? He couldn’t very well tell her his real name any more than she could tell him hers. That was against the rules.

More and more, it began to make him sad.