April 5th, 2011

Mirage of Blaze: Cry

Samael: Chapter Two, Page Twenty-one

His target bawled as the shot hit his shoulder; Michael’s loud exhaling had warned him to twist around just in time.  He was reaching for his belt, for a gun that had to be hidden inside of it, and Michael realized he was a split second away from death—

He fired the gun again, feeling his arm jerk harshly, and again.  Explosions of light and sound coincided with the way his target was jerking, splatters of blood rushing from him with each ping the silenced gun made.

Michael fired until there were no bullets left, and even then he continued pulling the trigger.  Was he screaming?  He couldn’t tell…

His target’s body slumped against the diner’s rotting wall, making an ominous creaking noise as it connected.  Michael was still pulling the trigger, unable to catch his breath.  He was sure that his target’s body was going to get up and lumber towards him, a nightmare monster made real in the moonlight.

It didn’t.  After hitting the wall the dead body simply slid to the ground, leaving bloody trails as it fell.

Michael gaped at it.  How simple that had been!  Shouldn’t a human life be harder to take? 

Apparently not, and the body before him was proof.  Incredible, how easy it was to end a life, and at the rush he felt when doing so. 

Michael stood and slowly made his way over to the body slumped against the wall.  He prodded it gently with his foot and then danced back several steps.  It did not move.