April 1st, 2011

Maa-chan as Rosalie

Samael: Chapter Two, Page Nineteen

Michael turned the paper over and found a map.  He recognized the area immediately; it was the old railroad tracks where the train to Shiloh used to run before the modernized subway system had been set up.  Now it was an abandoned area that children too poor to go to real play centers hung around in.


1:25 a.m. 

Be gone by 1:30; others will come then.


There was no doubt, now.  This was an evil man—no, an evil beast who caused nothing but misery with his very existence!  Getting rid of him would do the entire world a favor at the same time that it hit Jin Craig where it hurt.

Michael smiled at that thought.  He could already see Jin Craig waking up tomorrow morning and stretching with satisfaction after a good night's sleep, only to realize that she had lost a valuable member of her team.  She would shiver with fear, her huge dark eyes darting around her bedroom as she looked for the attacker she couldn’t see.

He liked the idea.  Adrenaline and elation filled Michael up, giving him a feeling of absolute surety and total confidence that he’d never felt before in his life.  This was more than just revenge.  It was justice.

Michael stepped from the stall with a flourish, the sweat that covered his body forgotten.  He did not stop to look in the cracked bathroom mirror as he strode from the bathroom, and it was good that he did not.  He would have been brought up short by the realization that he looked exactly like Leroy, with a manic gleam in his eyes.