March 13th, 2011

Louis and Lestat

Samael: Chapter Two, Page Nine

But what sense would that make?  Leroy had caught him attacking Jin’s house—if he wanted to arrest him he could have done it then.

And say it was a trap.  Did it really matter?  Just thinking about Jin Craig made Michael hyperventilate with rage; the thought of his parents made him faint with mourning.  Becoming the bitch of a man named Spike in a 2x4 jail cell wouldn’t be a worse fate than fading away in his filthy living room as he had been.

Michael turned his mind to murder, and thought about what it would mean to bury a knife or a bullet into the flesh of a human being, most likely one he didn’t know, who might possibly be innocent.  He knew that human prejudice and circumstantial evidence played a large role in the way that people were arrested.  It was entirely possible that he’d be sent after someone’s father or mother…

His resolve wavered, until Jin Craig’s smiling face entered his mind once again.  That painted smile grew in his mind, mocking him with the satisfaction it conveyed.

I killed your parents.  I killed them, I destroyed them and ruined your life in a single night and you couldn’t do anything to stop me…


It was a moment after Michael had spoken that he realized what he’d said: “I’ll do it.”

The contentment on Leroy’s face was eerily similar to the look Michael had seen on Jin’s. 

“Good boy,” he said.