March 11th, 2011

Remy and Rogue's first "kiss"

Samael: Chapter Two, Page Seven

For a moment, the two men stared each other down.  Michael wondered if there was any way out of this for him.  If he refused this offer, he had no doubt that he’d be killed.  That was just how these things worked.  He'd seen La Femme Nikita.

Tense to the point of aching muscles, Michael jumped when Leroy sighed loudly.

“Well,” said Leroy.  “There might be a few jobs on the side that we’d ask you to take.”

Ah, here we go.  “All right, what sort of jobs?”

“Jin Craig isn’t the only villain out there, is she?” Leroy got to his feet; Michael tensed, but Leroy was only making a dramatic gesture, spreading his arms wide as though trying to illustrate the size of Shiloh's problem.  “There are evil people out there destroying Shiloh that the police can’t touch, lots of them.  As long as you’re out there getting your revenge, why not help out some other people on the way?”

Michael was incredulous.  “You’re trying to turn me into a professional hit man?”

“What do you think you are already?  Waiting a year and then driving up to somebody’s house with a knife—that’s not normal, Michael.  Normal is mourning and getting over it.  Well it looks like you’re not going to get over it, and now the revenge you’ve been waiting for is falling into your lap.  You’re really telling me you’re going to pass it up because you don’t want to do anything for your community at the same time?”

For his community?  The man had to be joking!  Leroy wanted him to kill people, plain and simple. 

And there was the possibility that this was some kind of police trap.  Leroy would get Michael to admit he wanted Jin Craig dead and then arrest him.