February 21st, 2011

Rogue's Tattoo

Manga review: Grand Guignol Orchestra vol. 2 by Kaori Yuki

No spoilers, just lots of gushing.


Grand Guignol Orchestra follows a small orchestra of rogues traveling a country ravaged by "guignols," doll-like zombies, searching for a cure to the guignol plague and destroying guignols where they can. Volume 2 doesn't have many guignols in it; instead, the story is a mystery as Lucille, the orchestra's vocalist, and Eles, the pianist, infiltrate a palace and church. As Lucille and Eles solve a murder and look for the guignol cure, their relationship deepens, and we find out more about Lucille's dark and bloody history.

Like volume 1, Grand Guignol Orchestra volume 2 perfectly mixes mystery, action, romance, and then dangles bits of world/character history in front of readers in just the right places.

The art remains drool-worthy. Taking places in richer locations than volume 1, volume 2 features detailed pictures of beautiful architecture with towering spires, detailed pillars, and elaborately carved furniture and musical instruments. It's enough to make a reader want to live there, guignols or not.

Horror is put aside for mystery in this volume, but I don't expect that will last. Meanwhile, I admire how Yuki keeps things unexpected and interesting without losing the thread of the story.


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