February 16th, 2011

Louis and Lestat

Book review: Dead Men's Boots by Mike Carey

The third book in the Felix Castor series of urban fantasy/mystery novels, Dead Men's Boots takes up where the second book, Vicious Circle left off as far as Felix's personal life goes, plus a new mystery.

A woman dead for decades has apparently started killing again, and a live man is taking the fall; Felix must find out how she's killing people. Meanwhile, due to events that happened in earlier books, his best friend still hates his guts, the woman of his fantasies has decided she likes other women (and no threesomes are permitted, sorry), and an innocent man Felix accidentally stuck a demon inside of is about to be tortured.

Up until that point, the book is great. It's Carey's usual wit, fast-paced writing, suspensful mystery, and good character development. Dead Men's Boots does suffer a bit from the several thousand other subplots Carey stuck in it, however. In following one mystery he comes across several others, and by the end, I couldn't keep straight who was who, and who had killed who, and who had done what to who, and I didn't care.

Thankfully, the main mystery, and Felix's personal problems, are followed well and come out clearly by the end, making Dead Men's Boots a satisfying read with a few overly-involved chapters rather than a bad book. Good characters, good writing, good action and humor.


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