January 23rd, 2011

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Movie review: Burlesque

Burlesque! The story of a young waitress determined to be a star who sets out for Hollywood with no money and a heart full of dreams. Coming across a Burlesque club, she falls in love with the performance style, and decides that come Hell or high water she's going to work there.

Of course, there are obstacles, like a cute bartender with a distracting crush on her and a bitchy backstage dancer who...

Oh for Pete's sake. Who cares what BS excuse for a plot the backstage types shoved into this movie? It doesn't matter, and they don't even pretend it does. The characters are flat and cheesy, from our idealistic heroine who refuses to be beaten and yet never loses her morals to our cutie-pie bartender love interest with an amazing commitment to monogamy despite working shirtless in a bar full of naked women every day.

Because the "characters" (ha!) and the plot aren't the point. They're there to string the movie along so we can get to each new scene of Christina Aguilera, Cher, and the talented backup dancers singing and dancing in beautiful sequined, jeweled, lace-and-feather-adorned costumes. The important questions when watching a movie like Burlesque are:

1) Is the music any good?

2) Is the spectacle properly spectacular?

And I'm happy to say in Burlesque's case the answer to both is yes. The music is great and the costumes and dancing are very cool. A bonus: surprisingly good acting from everyone involved made the filler scenes between each musical number painless and sometimes quite funny (Stanley Tucci got most of the best lines, as he often does, but Cam Gigandet and Cher got a few good ones). Christina did great, limited role though she had, and I hope she does more acting.

In the meantime, I want this soundtrack.


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