January 13th, 2011

Padme with Pearls

Mrs. Epatha's: Chapter Four, Page Twenty-One

"'We all?'" Victoria asked.

            "You know, we three, and Amber, and Echo.  You wanted to meet Echo, right?  And Alexandria, you probably want to see her, and she'll be more comfortable with you anyway."  And Alexandria would be more comfortable letting Victoria meet as long as she was there, though Olivia didn't add that.  "And you can thank Amber yourself, and she'll want to see you.  And...did you tell Echo about, you know, that night in the bathroom?"

            A collective shiver went through the three girls as black tentacles and burning fire flashed through their memories.

            "No," said Alexandria.

            "Okay, we won't talk about that, then, but we can mention what we know about the two missing people and Echo won't think that's weird," said Olivia.  "Just gossip."

            Victoria cocked her head, tapping her index finger against her chin, and then she and Alexandria exchanged a glance.

            "All right," she said, "It sounds fine.  I'll bring some tea and sweets--does Echo like tea and sweets?"

            Still looking grudging, but not objecting aloud, Alexandria nodded.  "Strawberries.  She likes strawberries a lot."

            "Okay then.  We can make her comfortable, and then just talk.  And maybe figure a few things out."


End of chapter four, finally! As usual, I'll revise and have a completed, edited final version up within the week.