January 3rd, 2011

Rogue and Gambit from "The End"

TV Review Master List

Scripted Fiction Programs

Beauty and the Beast Episodes 1 to 4, Episodes 5 to 8 Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton, CBS, 1987, B- and B respectively

Spartacus: Blood and Sand Andy Whitfield and Lucy Lawless and Manu Bennett, STARZ, 2010, B

Being Human Series One, Aiden Turner and Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow, BBC, 2009, A-

No Ordinary Family Episode One, Episodes 2 - 4, Michael Chicklis and Julie Benz, ABC, 2010, B

Nikita Episode 2, Maggie Q, CW, 2010, F

Being Human Episode One, Sam Witwer and Sam Huntington and Meaghan Rath, SyFy, 2010, D-

Downton Abbey Series One, Dame Maggie Smith and Michelle Dockery and Dan Stevens, ITV1 (England) and PBS (USA), 2010 (England) and 2011 (USA), A

Lillie 13 episodes, Francesca Annis and Peter Egan and Denis Lill, ITV (England) and PBS (USA), 1978, A

TV Movies

The 19th Wife Matt Czuchry and Chyler Leigh, Lifetime, 2010, F


Sodom and Gomorrah History Channel/Science Channel, 2000, A

The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance PBS, 2003, B+

Japanese dorama

Kimi wa Petto (You are a Pet), Koyuki and Matsumoto Jun, 2003, B+

Mei-chan no Shitsuji (Mei's Butler), Eikura Nana and Mizushima Hiro, 2009, C+

SCANDAL Suzuki Kyoka and Hasegawa Kyoko and Momoi Kaori and Fukiishi Kazue, 2008, B

Second Virgin Suzuki Kyoka and Hasegawa Hiroki and Fukada Kyoko, NHK, 2010, A+